There are some TV shows I can watch with Allegra, and some that I can not.  And Dexter is one of those that I cannot.  Something about all the blood and violence and grossness.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t show you a few of the awesome poster designs I happened upon whilst surfing.

Do you like Dexter?  Why or why not???


(These are most definitely NOT my posters, I have no skillz whatsoever when it comes to graphic design.  For links to their actual source, go to my Pinterest.)

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4 thoughts on “Dexter-licious.

  1. maudlin says:

    Love Dexter. Creative and original and quite well-made, especially the first few seasons. I don’t like graphic violence/torture in series or movies but Dexter isn’t that bad. I’m always surprised when I hear people ‘can’t’ watch it! I’d be more bothered by psychologically fucked up stuff like Criminal Minds.

    • True that! I love Dexter because I love the character that is Dexter. I also love the concept of justice that permeates the whole show and his struggle with what justice is and who deserves it. It’s filled with human questions that most of us don’t have to ask, at least not to the extreme that Dexter does.

      The series has had its strong points, but like any series which continues on for several seasons, there have been weak points. I’m committing for the long-haul though, and fully intend to see this madness through to the end!!! :)

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